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Ever want to be like someone else?

A couple years back, I somehow found out where Todd Pedersen lives. It’s embarrassing to admit this but every once in a while, either coming from or to work I would drive by Todd’s house. I’d dream of what it would be like if I was him. I would think about living in his house, driving his car, and even what it would be like to run Vivint, the company he founded and runs today. I became obsessed with this idea of being someone else. It was getting pretty crazy to the point where I emailed Todd to ask him for some advice. I wanted to know what it was like to be him, to live like him. I wanted...

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Prove them Wrong

Has someone ever told you that you couldn't do something? That you weren't good enough? Not talented enough? That you shouldn't even try cause you won't win?    I have, and the truth is, when you hear that, it sucks. It hurts. It makes you want to crawl into a dark hole and never come out. I believe that who we are is defined by how we act in these moments. Do we choose to let others or bad situations get the best of us, or do we fight back to prove them wrong?   I love the quote by Julian Edelman "There are only two things you can do when someone says you're not good enough. You can prove...

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Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins

I've always had a desire to start a business. It started when I was young. I knew that one day, when I had the "right idea" I would finally start my business. The funny thing is, that day never came. Each chapter of my life, whether it was getting married or having kids, changing jobs or just regular stresses of life. I always saw those things as signs that now wasn't the right time to make a change and finally start the my business. Not to mention I didn't even have an idea that I liked. After years of this, nothing ever changed. I recently read Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. If you know David's story, you know how...

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