Why "just this once" is Killing Your Progress

Have you ever set a goal, or tried to do something difficult only to quickly give up because something unexpected happens or comes up?

A family event? 
A birthday party? 
Date Night? 
Work is stressing you out?

Kids are crazy?

When these things threaten to keep us from our goals, what do we do? Too often, we are so quick to rationalize these things as  a "just this once" moment. We then mentally justify it as okay. But haven't you started to see that "just this once", happens way more often then we think? 

Clayton Christensen said. "Life is one unending stream of extenuating circumstances." 

Now let that sink in for a second... isn't that quote so true? How many times has life actually gone the way we wanted it to? There will ALWAYS be things that will want to stop us from our goals. 

Last week after my wife had surgery. Wonderful neighbors brought by dinners. Of course along with those dinners were amazing treats and cookies. I have a goal to not eat sweets during the week, but I justified the situation, and ate the treats...each and every night. I told myself, "man my wife had surgery and I deserve these cookies!" But when I stepped on the scale this morning, it was obvious that I didn't keep to my goals. I was mad at myself for giving in when I knew I shouldn't. It's not that we can't eat treats, or enjoy things in life but that we shouldn't let ourselves off the hook so often. 

There is a famous quote, "Don't trade what you want least for what you want most"
If you haven't seen this interview with Dolphin's quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick then check it out. It proves this point exactly. 
Even if you are being paid millions of dollars to play a sport that demands the best physically, our minds can still trick us into thinking we can slack off. 

Another great quote from Clayton Christensen is "The lesson I learned is that it's easier to hold to your principles 100% of the time that it is to hold to them 98% of the time. If you give in to "just this once", based on a marginal cost analysis, you'll regret where you end up. You've got to define for yourself what you stand for and draw the line."

When you've already made up your mind on a decision, there now is no more debating or thinking. Mentally the more you do it, the easier it becomes to make the right decision. It will slowly require less and less effort.
The challenge I give to you this week is to take Clayton up on his quote and stick to whatever goal you have set 100%. Don't give in even once. At the end of the week, review how things went and see how you feel.
#Become Your Own Hero

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