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9 Easy Steps to Start Losing a Pound a Day

A huge part of becoming your own hero is feeling good about yourself in your own skin. For years, and even to this day I don’t feel great about my weight. I see pictures of myself and I don’t like what I see. After years of going to the gym, trying different diets I finally came across a plan that works great for me. The best part is I can easily stick to it. The best part of these steps is there is no more guessing. Your weight loss will be be completely up to you. You will be in full control. If you have the discipline, you will lose weight. You can be super aggressive or moderate, it’s up...

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Is Fear Holding You Back?

Have you ever thought about what truly motivates you?        Recently, I was reading over my journal entries and found a recurring theme that scared me. It seemed like each day I would write down my goals, but week after week, month after month, I wouldn't get any closer to reaching any of those goals I had set.        As I kept on reading, I noticed this overall tone of fear was everywhere. In my writing it seemed that I would continuously come back to the fears I have, and why it was those fears that kept me from accomplishing my goals. To be honest, I started to understand that fear wasn't only effecting my goals, but...

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Why Setting Goals Isn't Enough

Think about the last time you set a goal. How did it go? Did you end up achieving your goal? If not, do you remember why you didn’t reach it? Chances are if you didn’t hit your goal, you probably didn’t take time beforehand to set yourself up for success. In 1979, Harvard Business School conducted a study. They asked the graduating class one simple question. Have you set written goals and created a plan for their attainment?   Before graduating, it was determined that:   - 84% of the entire class had set no goals at all.   - 13% of the class had set written goals but had no set plans.   - 3% of the class had...

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4 Ways to Become Your Best Self

1. What is holding you back?   Identify the things in life that are holding you back. It could be food, a relationship, money? Take time to sit down and write these things out. Develop a plan on how to overcome these things. When we have the courage to look our problems face on, they tend to have less power over us. As hard as it is to be brutally honest with ourselves about faults and weaknesses, unless we confront them we can't ever change. Accountability to ourselves is the first step.   2. "Comparison is the thief of joy" Theodore Rosevelt.    With this step, we need to fully commit to ourselves. Discipline yourself to stop looking at other people's accomplishments wishing we had...

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Ever want to be like someone else?

A couple years back, I somehow found out where Todd Pedersen lives. It’s embarrassing to admit this but every once in a while, either coming from or to work I would drive by Todd’s house. I’d dream of what it would be like if I was him. I would think about living in his house, driving his car, and even what it would be like to run Vivint, the company he founded and runs today. I became obsessed with this idea of being someone else. It was getting pretty crazy to the point where I emailed Todd to ask him for some advice. I wanted to know what it was like to be him, to live like him. I wanted...

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