No More Muffin Top Squeeze!

Tired of Buying Expensive Shorts that Don't Fit well?

Awhile ago, I bought a nice pair of shorts for $70. Each time would wear them, as the day would go on they would get more uncomfortable. I started to understand that the waistline was the issue. The shorts didn't have any flex to them. As a result, when I was sitting at work or playing around with my kids, they would bug me.

This is why I created the Hero short. They are made with a flexible, stretch-fit material in the waistline. They fit and feel really great, no matter what activity you are doing. No more muffin top squeeze! 

Why You Need Them

There are a couple of reasons why you need the Hero Short. 

  1. They are extremely comfortable. 
  2. I hated spending a lot of money on clothes that I didn't absolutely love. Our Hero Short is only $30.
  3. They last a long time, and are made very well.

Casual, athletic Shorts

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