How to Overcome Any Obstacle

Nitro Circus Wheelz

Aaron Fotheringham has always done the impossible. From the day he was born until now, he continues to defy what others see as impossible. Born with spina bifida and given up for adoption, he was told by doctors that he wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. Aaron lives a life that is anything but normal.

When he was a teenager his brother and father took him to a skate park where he would learn how to do jumps and tricks with his wheelchair. After continued practice, he got so good that kids started calling him Wheelz. At age 14 he did his first backflip. Then at 18 he landed a double backflip. Most recently, he has been busy touring with the world famous Nitro Circus team, and winning multiple Guinness World Records. 



Aaron has never seen his situation or chair as a struggle, but more as a source of strength.

“It would be easy to feel like my life could be so terrible. With all the surgeries, and being adopted, I thank my parents for raising me the way that they have so that I am able to have joy in my life in a situation that people might not think would be ideal but I wouldn’t change it for anything. “ — Aaron Fotheringham

Over the years, Aaron has become a symbol of hope for people with or without disabilities. He spends a lot of his time visiting with kids and teenagers who have disabilities. He helps them to see their situation as much more than being in a wheel chair, but a source of possibilities and a way to have fun.

My hope is that we can all live a life like Aaron. That each day, no matter our situation we choose to have faith in ourselves to overcome the struggles that we face. Aaron’s story taught that me life is all about perspective. We can either choose to let our circumstances dictate who we are, or in spite of them become something great.

The choice is yours.

Become Your Own Hero

-Mike Cutler

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