Ever want to be like someone else?

Todd Pedersen Vivint

A couple years back, I somehow found out where Todd Pedersen lives. It’s embarrassing to admit this but every once in a while, either coming from or to work I would drive by Todd’s house. I’d dream of what it would be like if I was him. I would think about living in his house, driving his car, and even what it would be like to run Vivint, the company he founded and runs today. I became obsessed with this idea of being someone else. It was getting pretty crazy to the point where I emailed Todd to ask him for some advice.

I wanted to know what it was like to be him, to live like him. I wanted to hear the tips and tricks he had to becoming successful. As if it was some kind of secret.

The advice I received forever changed me. Instead of him giving me some silver bullet to success, or telling me how to accomplish something great like him. 

He said “Most importantly you need to do you. I don’t actually watch anyone. I think it’s best if you can figure out what you are made of and not what others are made of. Go and maximize who you are and what you want out of life. There are many different ways to do special things in life and creating a big company or financial empire is one but not necessarily a great way to measure anything.” 

He also said “When I die I hope people say I was kind to everyone, the best husband ever and a great father that raised decent and respectful children that are kind to others.”

His advice hit me hard. It was the wake up call that I needed. Here I am thinking to be happy I need to have all this money and drive a Porsche. But no, I learned that fulfillment is none of that. In reality far from it. It helped me understand that happiness isn’t based on being like anyone else, and that you can’t ever find yourself when you are busy trying to be someone else. I started to understand that being happy is as simple as loving your family, working hard everyday to accomplish your own dreams and being grateful for who you are. 

It may sound obvious, but living life trying to be someone else is actually pretty dumb. Each one of us has our own path to success. The fun part of life is struggling each day to better figure out who we are.


Become Your Own Hero

-Mike Cutler

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