Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins

I've always had a desire to start a business. It started when I was young. I knew that one day, when I had the "right idea" I would finally start my business. The funny thing is, that day never came. Each chapter of my life, whether it was getting married or having kids, changing jobs or just regular stresses of life. I always saw those things as signs that now wasn't the right time to make a change and finally start the my business. Not to mention I didn't even have an idea that I liked. After years of this, nothing ever changed.

I recently read Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. If you know David's story, you know how powerful the mind can be. If you haven't heard of David Goggins, you should go check him out. (Link) Buy his book too, you will love it. This is a man who lost 106 lbs in 2 months. He has ran 47 ultra races, and held the world's record for most pull ups completed in 24 hours. His life story will blow your mind.

One of the main lessons I took from David's life is that the only way to be happy with yourself, is to you choose to endure pain now in order to grow and progress later. With that, I mean if each day looks and feels like the day before it, with no growth or'll end up being dissatisfied.


Another thing David kept talking about is this idea of Becoming your own hero. Instead of looking up to other people as your source of motivation, look within yourself. Start making choices that the hero inside of you would be making. Choose to shed off the bad and weak parts of yourself to make room for new person you are trying to create. Choose each day to become your own hero. 

After thinking about this for awhile, I wanted to do something that I would be proud of. To be honest, I was tired of choosing the easy way out of life. Up until this point, I've always know what only giving 50% feels like. It sucks. I hate laying down at night know I could more. I had to make a change. 

First, I knew I had to get my body and mind right. I started working out daily and eating clean. That was the first big step. I knew if I wanted to build a company, my head and body had to be clear of all this crap I filled it with.

Finally, after months of work and change, I started my own business, hypflex. I created the Hero short because I wanted something that I could wear that would never slow me down in my journey of becoming my own hero. My shorts are extremely flexible and can be wore in any activity. Going to the gym, a hike, playing with my kids, or even going into work. The logo on the shorts means something as well. The X symbolize that nothing is impossible. If we have the vision firmly planted in our minds, we can truly become the heroes we were meant to be. 



-Mike Cutler


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