4 Ways to Become Your Best Self

1. What is holding you back?


Identify the things in life that are holding you back. It could be food, a relationship, money? Take time to sit down and write these things out. Develop a plan on how to overcome these things. When we have the courage to look our problems face on, they tend to have less power over us. As hard as it is to be brutally honest with ourselves about faults and weaknesses, unless we confront them we can't ever change. Accountability to ourselves is the first step.


2. "Comparison is the thief of joy" Theodore Rosevelt.
 With this step, we need to fully commit to ourselves. Discipline yourself to stop looking at other people's accomplishments wishing we had the same. Realize that your potential is great, but that your ability to do something amazing only happens when you work on yourself each day. Comparing ourselves to others will never get us anywhere. 
3. "Wherever you are, be all there." -Jim Elliot


Become Your Own Hero 
Recently I was watching my almost two year old son while he was playing with his toys. A work issue suddenly came up and I had to email a few people back. Once, he realized that my phone was getting all the attention and not him, he grabbed it and threw it on the ground. After laughing it off, I quickly picked up my phone and went back to work. Seeing this, my son got upset and yelled something in my face. In his two year old language, I could tell he was telling me to put the phone away. In that moment, I realized how wrong I was to pick work over him. Time with our kids or family and friends won't always be there, but work will. 
4 - Take the risk or lose the chance
With this last step, it is crucial to remember that life is short. We will eventually run out of tomorrows. The best time to make chance and start new is right now. Take time to think about the goals you have and write them down. It could be to loose weight, start a business, work on a relationships, etc. 
Don't give up on the things you continue to think about. Don't let those thoughts nag at you any longer. Choose today to be the day you start. 
A big reason why I started Hypflex was because of the many people in my life that have taken time to help me become better. Whether it was personally or professionally, each time I would sit down or have a conversation with these people I was so inspired to make a change. Every time I would have a new sense of purpose to start on becoming something more. With Hypflex I hope to help spread their message. 
-Mike Cutler

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