13 Ways to Become A Hero

Why should you want to become a hero?

In a world where mediocrity is rewarded, why should we even bother trying to do something great? 

We choose to become a hero because there is value and honor in living for more than just yourself. Becoming a hero and doing something great with our lives is something we ALL should aspire to.

A hero is someone who stands for something. The reasons for standing are never the quite the same, but the heart usually is. Heroes don’t seek the light but find themselves in it because they know the cause for which they are fighting. Heroes choose to stand when others do not. 

13 Ways to Become Your Own Hero

1 — A Hero can come from anywhere and from any circumstance.

This is key. You must understand that doing something great doesn’t require anything more than the courage to start, and the willingness to keep going.

2 — A Hero understands it is his or her duty to fight.

Life can be scary. It will not always be an easy decision to stand up and fight. Heroes understand the sacrifice others made on their behalf. They understand it is their obligation to succeed for the people they support.

3 — Hide in plain sight

During battle a great solider will calmly go about his or her business without needed attention or recognition from others. It is the progress that drives them.

4 — Choose your shots carefully

A hero carefully scopes out his position. He takes the time to evaluated it from each angle. In battle when a sniper finds the perfect spot, he may stay there for hours, or even days. He knows who his target is and when to take the shot. He won’t sacrifice his position for anything other than his goal.

5 — Keep calm at all times

When things are not working out or we’ve back ourselves in a corner, a hero will not panic but try to fully understand the situation for what it really is. They then calmly take action. When others look up to you they need you to be strong and confident.

6 — Fight for a deep loving, connection with someone

When we have someone by our side helping and supporting us, it makes the journey worthwhile. If at the end of all this, if we don’t have our families the victory wont matter. For me, that is my wife. Without her, nothing would be possible.

7 — It’s not the wolf that picks the hunting ground, but the hunter

Aim to fight on your own terms. Fight to your advantage whenever possible. Don’t play by other people’s rules. They will try to bait you, don’t let them.

8 — Go all in on your strengths

You must have the self awareness to know what you are good at and what you simply aren’t. Find what works for you and go all in. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

9 — You most likely will be alone

Being a hero isn’t easy. It’s insanely difficult. It will require a lot of sacrifice. Others most likely won’t have the discipline to keep after it day in and day out.

10 — You have to be willing to fight in the trenches

You have to be on the front lines confronting your enemies face to face. No battle is ever won by running from your problems.

11 — Enjoy the ride

Take time to enjoy the little things. Choose to be grateful for the things you DO have. Take time to reflect on the things going well and when a victory comes either big or small celebrate it.

12 — Preparation is the key to success

Sun Tzu — “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” Most people have the will to win, but it is those that have the will to prepare that ultimately do succeed.

13 — Stay humble

When success does come your way, don’t let it get to your head. Stay grounded.The higher they are, the harder they fall.


#Become Your Own Hero

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