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Set Your Own Standards

It's time we stop judging ourselves compared to what others are doing. I did this for years, and it made me very dissatisfied with myself. I was never content with who I was or what I was doing. I came across this David Goggins quote and I loved it! "I set my own standards. I started to reinvent the wheel for myself. I didn't follow the crowd. I did what I had to do to get where I had to go, and in doing that, that's where true growth is. It's okay not be exactly like everyone else. It's okay to NOT follow the crowd. Don't worry about what everybody else is doing, worry about what you're doing. Focus on...

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13 Ways to Become A Hero

Why should you want to become a hero? In a world where mediocrity is rewarded, why should we even bother trying to do something great?  We choose to become a hero because there is value and honor in living for more than just yourself. Becoming a hero and doing something great with our lives is something we ALL should aspire to. A hero is someone who stands for something. The reasons for standing are never the quite the same, but the heart usually is. Heroes don’t seek the light but find themselves in it because they know the cause for which they are fighting. Heroes choose to stand when others do not.  13 Ways to Become Your Own Hero 1 — A Hero...

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Why "just this once" is Killing Your Progress

Have you ever set a goal, or tried to do something difficult only to quickly give up because something unexpected happens or comes up?   A family event?    A birthday party?    Date Night?    Work is stressing you out?   Kids are crazy? When these things threaten to keep us from our goals, what do we do? Too often, we are so quick to rationalize these things as  a "just this once" moment. We then mentally justify it as okay. But haven't you started to see that "just this once", happens way more often then we think?  Clayton Christensen said. "Life is one unending stream of extenuating circumstances."  Now let that sink in for a second... isn't that...

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Are You Honest With Yourself?

How often are you truly honest with yourself? It is so easy to either blame others or lie to ourselves when things don't turn out how we want them. Whether we have personal or financial struggles, sometimes choosing logic over emotion is the key to overcoming.    Here are 10 great quotes that will help motivate us to look at our problems more open and honestly.   I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them. -Oscar Wilde   Don’t cry about money, it never cries for you. -Kevin O’Leary   Honesty saves everyone’s time. -Anonymous   Life is hard, money doesn't care, your tears don't...

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Is Fear Holding You Back?

Have you ever thought about what truly motivates you?        Recently, I was reading over my journal entries and found a recurring theme that scared me. It seemed like each day I would write down my goals, but week after week, month after month, I wouldn't get any closer to reaching any of those goals I had set.        As I kept on reading, I noticed this overall tone of fear was everywhere. In my writing it seemed that I would continuously come back to the fears I have, and why it was those fears that kept me from accomplishing my goals. To be honest, I started to understand that fear wasn't only effecting my goals, but...

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